Resistor liquid cooling boosts 3.3kV medium voltage loads

Motor driven applications

In motor driven applications like cranes, lifts, hoists and conveyors, air cooled resistors are common, but in medium voltage, high power applications liquid cooling wins out. A medium voltage drive running off a 3.3kV supply to turn a 500kW motor will put a severe heating load on the application’s power transistors – hence the need for water cooling, as David Atkins, projects director at Cressall Resistors explains.

Ventilation & heat recovery: Tackling the challenges posed by modern homes

Stiebel Eltron Ventilation & heat recovery

Innovations in building materials and processes have benefitted consumers and housebuilders across the UK says Stiebel Eltron. Developments in insulation and weather stripping have led to a marked and welcome improvement in the hermetic integrity and heat retention capabilities of the modern home.

These improvements do, however, provide a challenge for those in the heating and ventilation sector. On one hand, it has exponentially increased the popularity of ventilation systems, which is a fantastic positive for the industry. On the other, it presents a challenge with regards to effectively ventilating these new, increasingly airtight developments.

CO-Gas Safety are we taking the right precautions

CO-Gas Safety

Stephanie Trotter has run the independent registered charity CO-Gas Safety since its launch at the House of Commons in January 1995 with help from other voluntary directors (mainly victims and MPs).

The charity was supported by a grant from the Department of Health in the past matched for 3 years by British Gas. However, for many years now the charity has existed on donations from business & victims etc. Stephanie is a full time volunteer and the charity is run almost entirely by volunteers, apart from a small amount of paid assistance to help collate the data of unintentional deaths and injuries from CO, which the charity has compiled since 1995. The charity is indebted to the many Coroners and their officers for their invaluable help.

Top tips for maintaining your plumbing tools

Top tips for maintaining your plumbing tools

Kelly Friel is the Digital Product Manager at Zoro, suppliers of professional plumbing tools and equipment. Here, she gives her top tips on how you can maintain your plumbing tools to provide the most effective service time and time again.

As a professional plumber, your job is to fix the day-to-day problems that households and businesses have, no matter how minor or major the project. So, the last thing you want is for your tools to let you down. An important part of this is to ensure that you always keep them well-maintained, and to help you with this, I’m going to give you my top tips for keeping everything in your arsenal in working order. Read on to find out more.

Store your plumbing tools with care

73% of tradespeople waste more than 30 minutes cleaning customer homes before starting work

Heat Insulation

Research by Heat Insulation Ltd, a company offering grant-backed home insulation, suggests that the majority of tradespeople are wasting more than 30 minutes every day making their work area in customer homes accessible by effectively tidying up. This is all before commencing work.

When asked what they’d be rather doing, 62% of tradespeople responded in saying they’d rather be doing their skilled job. Coming in second with 17% was finishing earlier, with one carpenter specifically stating they’d like to spend time with their family as opposed to working past 7pm most nights.

A total of 172 tradesmen and women were surveyed across the UK and the survey was aimed at understanding the frustrations tradespeople have in their working day.


Could you use a helping hand from the Rhino accounts app?


If you’d like some help with your accounts and need advice on submitting tax returns, try the HMRC-recommended app Rhino. 

Must I retain paper receipts for my expenses?

No. HMRC no longer requires you to present paper receipts. They only need to have a copy that is readable. A digital copy is fine and is more reliable than a till receipt that may fade over time. Just use Rhino on your phone to photograph receipts as you get them. 

How about invoices? Should I keep paper versions of those?

How Businesses Can Ensure Compliance with Water Health and Safety?

How Businesses Can Ensure Compliance with Water Health and Safety?

Ensuring high levels of water hygiene is important for any business. Not only can poor water hygiene lead to prosecution or negative PR but it can also lead to potentially fatal illnesses. Which is why businesses are held responsible for a wide range of governmental requirements to ensure that their workplace water supply is both safe and hygienic. 

In this article, we will discuss two major areas of water legislation – the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 and the legislation covering legionella control.

Legionella Risk Management

All hands to the pump! The top considerations for installing a shower pump…

Salamander Pumps

To help train the next generation of plumbers, Kenneth Vance, training manager at Salamander Pumps, took to New Durham College to demonstrate how to successfully install a shower pump. Here, he gives us his top tips from the day…

Check the pump’s suitability

There are two types of shower pumps – positive heads and negative (universal) heads, but knowing which one is best for the job, and the differences between the two, is crucial when choosing the correct shower pump. In cases where any point in the system after the pump, such as outlet pipework, shower heads or taps goes within 600mm of the base of the cold water tank or above, a negative head (universal) pump would be the best option.

Methven black range chosen for new London development


Methven UK, the global designer and manufacturer of premium showers and tapware, has secured a contract to work on a landmark luxury residential development in London.

Situated in Vauxhall, one of Europe’s largest regeneration zones, the new Keybridge development, built in distinctive brick, comprises six individual buildings, offering a total of 595 new homes from studio to three-bedroom apartments.

5 changes self-employed plumbers should make

plumbers tax calculator

Is your business due a shake-up? Plumbers should be sure to include some of the following advice for making tax simpler, less time-consuming and easier on your wallet.

1. Ditch the accountant 

In the past, an accountant was crucial to making your funds watertight. But now they’re becoming redundant, or at least overpriced (by and large) for the services they offer. Whereas an accountant would charge, on average, around £250 to complete your Self Assessment tax return, it’s now easy to do this yourself. 

Digital software such as SimpleTax gives you an accurate picture of your income and expenditure, while guiding you on how your Self Assessment should be composed. Cost-wise, these tools start from as little as £25 for an annual subscription.