Ravenheat to release HE98S with stainless steel heat exchanger

steel heat

Ravenheat is preparing to add a new model to their range of domestic gas boilers, the HE98S.

After the overwhelming success of the HE98, the HE98S has the same high performance, but with the addition of a stainless steel main heat exchanger. It delivers 31kW to DHW, with a flow rate of 12 l/min at a 35-degree rise and outputs of 3.7kW to 26.4kW to central heating.

The HE98S has been designed with both installers and customers in mind. Ravenheat has listened to feedback from its installers, integrating a stainless steel heat exchanger and brass block, while ensuring the design remains lightweight, easy to install and service, and quiet in operation. 

Mick George Ltd are Gunning’ for Lease Success

Mick George Ltd

At first glance, a Construction Company may not seem the obvious choice when seeking to purchase or lease a vehicle, regardless of its purpose, private or business. However, when you delve a little deeper, and recognise that said’ operation already runs a fleet in excess of 400 different vehicle types, for which they are highly reliant, it starts to become visably clearer.


That said, for an organisation that functions in a completely different market to have the foresight, let alone knowledge to suitably add this service to its portfolio is another challenge altogether. For many, such conceptulisations are ditched at the first sight of an obsticle, but not at Mick George Ltd.

4 ways sole traders can reduce costs and protect their profitability


In this article, Chris Matenaers from Cromwell takes a closer look at how sole traders can reduce costs and protect profitability.

Working as a sole trader has lots of advantages: you get to pick and choose your jobs, you don't have to worry about the responsibilities of being an employer, and you get to retain all the fruits of your labour. However, because you are your own business, it falls squarely to you to make sure that your jobs are returning a profit and that you're protecting your trade from pitfalls.

Putting aside some time to evaluate all the aspects of your work can often reveal ways in which you can cut costs without reducing the quality of your work, as well as safeguard against potential losses. 

Bonus Eventus goes the extra mile to keep Marathon House residents cool

Marathon House

Marathon House is a residential property with one hundred and five apartments, situated near Regents Park. The property is managed by HML Hawksworth on behalf of Marathon House Right to Manage (RTM) Company Limited. 


Each apartment is served by a heating, ventilation and cooling system based on a heat recovery system and fan coil units connected to central chillers. To ensure that residents’ homes are kept at a comfortable temperature all year round, it is important to carry out preventive maintenance at regular intervals.


WaterSafe - what’s in it for you?


If you are a Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) member sitting on the fence about joining the WaterSafe scheme, you might be wondering what joining yet another accreditation body will do for your business and professional standing. You might be wondering how much it will cost, or the hoops you have to jump through to join. But what if we said that registration was free, will increase the profile of your business and will enhance your knowledge and expertise?

The Future of the Bathroom

bathroom future

Martin Walker, CEO of Methven UK, looks at the future of the bathroom industry and how new technologies and materials can offer benefits to installers and end users.

The article will look at how the industry has adapted to challenges over the last year and will look ahead to the challenges of the next 12 months, asking what technologies and materials will shape the bathroom industry in the future.

Jordan Woods is on track to make his first Million

Jordan Woods

Once Jobless, Plumbing & Electrical Technician Jordan Woods is on track to make his first Million by the end of the year thanks to a bit of help from BigChange


Leeds based businessman Jordan Woods now runs a thriving Property Maintenance business, but just six years ago his future didn’t look so bright. Jordan started as a Plumbing Apprentice at the age of 14, since regular schooling hadn’t worked out for him. He worked his way up to Operations Manager for a large maintenance and FM business.  Trouble struck in 2011 when he was made redundant by the firm along with many others. As a young father to a newborn baby boy, this couldn’t have happened at a worse time.

Salamander pump models achieve quiet mark status 


Salamander Pumps has announced it has now achieved the coveted Quiet Mark status for the majority of its range of shower and whole house pumps, as part of its long term commitment to noise reduction.


Quiet Mark is the eco-award programme run by the UK Noise Abatement Society, which ranks excellence in quiet product design, and is only awarded to products proven to be some of the quietest in their class. Recently featured on BBC Watchdog, Quiet Mark supports manufacturers in producing quiet appliances.


The news comes as several of Salamander’s pumps are also now officially rated the quietest available in the UK, according to stringent independent test results.


Wolseley helps out tool theft victim


Wolseley’s Plumb Center has donated a replacement toolbox full of essential plumbing products to a young professional after he fell victim to van theft. The merchant has also pledged to continue to help out victims across the UK, as and when these incidents are reported.  


The Plymouth-based plumber lost upto £1,700 worth of tools and was almost forced to stop working after thieves raided his van last month. 


Wolseley branch staff spotted his story in a local newspaper and rallied round to source replacement tools from various suppliers including John Guest, Rothenberger and Milwaukee. The plumber was gifted the tools at his local Plymouth Plumb Center by branch manager Keith Whitley.