An alarm which tests for Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide is a deadly gas, which kills around 50 people each year. In addition over 2,000 people attend A&E with suspected carbon monoxide poisoning every year. Known as the ‘silent killer’ it is particularly dangerous as you cannot see, taste or smell it, causing it to be invisible to the human senses.

Awareness of Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning around the summer season has risen in recent years. However, according to CORGI Home Plan only 13% of people have had their camping and caravanning appliances serviced, with almost half of people (45%) admitting to cooking in their tent or under a canvas.

VIVID with NEW Dryline Technology by Vogue (UK)


The UK’s largest British designer and manufacturer of designer radiators and towel warmers, Vogue (UK), proudly launch the new VIVID Towel Warmer: a contemporary heating design now available with Electric Dryline Technology.

This pioneering and new Dryline Technology exclusive to Vogue (UK) means that VIVID does not contain any fluids.

Instead, this contemporary towel rail design is heated by a silicone heater cable via a 3-core cable which can be attached to a fuse spur, if required. 

So what’s the advantage of Electric Dryline Technology? Put simply, this type of heating solution does not operate off the central heating or hot water system, allowing for greater freedom of installation and efficiency.

Carina Contemporary Towel Warmer from Vogue (UK)


The UK’s largest British designer and manufacturer of premium radiators and towel warmers, Vogue (UK), emphasise practical living through its Carina Contemporary Towel Warmer: a keel-shaped design with natural camber and asymmetric styling. 

A convenient dual-purpose solution, Carina by Vogue (UK) epitomises modern heating design via the bold “D section” tubing, ample hanging space and practical top shelf! 

Ideally suited in a family bathroom, en suite, cloakroom and even utility room thanks to its extra storage, Carina is wall-mounted for added flexibility and is available 1200mm high with an option of two widths: 500mm and 600mm.

MODE and MODE Bespoke by Vogue (UK)


MODE and MODE Bespoke, Designer Radiator Collection by Vogue (UK)

The UK’s largest British designer and manufacturer of premium radiators and towel warmers, Vogue (UK), proudly highlight diversity through its MODE Designer Radiator: available in standard and non-standard sizes with a host of supporting accessories.  

A customisable design concept, Vogue (UK)’s MODE and MODE Bespoke is a highly flexible heating solution with the option of a rich colour palette. Available in standard and non-standard sizes, this radiator design allows for under-window and full height installation, or even an amalgamation of contrasting models/colours/sizes for interior impact and all important ‘wow-factor’.  

Press-fit could unlock life-saving potential of Retrofit sprinklers

Press-fit technology

Press-fit technology on modern sprinkler systems can save lives by facilitating quicker, easier and less disruptive installations in existing buildings, says Geberit, despite Dame Judith Hackitt’s omission of mandatory sprinkler installations in her review of Building Regulations and fire safety laws.

The Hackitt Review has been criticised for its failure to recommend a ban on combustible cladding products or the mandatory installation of sprinkler systems or automatic fire suppression systems in all new domestic buildings and existing tower blocks. Both measures had been proposed by RIBA as part of its recommended baseline prescriptive requirements ahead of the Hackitt Review’s publication in May.

Van maintenance - 6 top tips for a happy and healthy van

Van maintenance - 6 top tips for a happy and healthy van

Not only will proper maintenance of your van keep you safe for the long miles on the road, it will also increase the value, if you ever need to sell it.

Doing simple maintenance tasks can prevent larger issues developing, helping you to avoid unwanted visits to the garage and saving you time and money. So, here are Moneybarn’s top tips for keeping your van road-ready…

Tyre maintenance

A van’s tyres need to be checked more often than a car, as the extra weight of a van and its contents means more burden on tyres. Too little pressure increases wear and tear, but too much pressure increases the chance of a blow-out, so aim to check tyres once a fortnight to ensure they are safe and performing well.

InSinkErator Donates Steaming Hot Water Taps To Local Charities

InSinkErator Donates Steaming Hot Water Taps To Local Charities

InSinkErator ® has donated a 3N1 steaming hot water tap to two different charities, New Hope and ONE YMCA. The two organisations support individuals who are homeless, or vulnerably-housed, in the Watford area.

New Hope has eight Watford-based accommodation services, with up to 61 beds available every night, including the Community Home, which offers short term accommodation and a sense of community for those in need. InSinkErator ® has donated the 3N1 steaming hot water tap to the Community Home in an effort to save time and make life easier for the staff during busy periods.

‘Vacation Vibes’ with R70 Towel Warmer by Aestus

Towel Warmer

Have you ever just closed your eyes and tried to recreate a luxurious hotel bathroom in the comfort of your own home? Do you enjoy the luxury of an invigorating waterfall shower, indulgent deep soaking bath or unmistakeable comfort of a warm, dry bath towel or white fluffy robe? Now you can with the R70 Towel Warmer.

Aestus, leading Manufacturer and Supplier of high quality Designer Radiators and Towel Rails can help channel your ‘Vacation Vibes’ in to your bathroom with the R70 Towel Warmer and its contemporary luxury aesthetic.

Aestus says:

‘Home & Dry’ with SURF Radiator by Aestus


Aestus, leading manufacturer and supplier of designer Radiators and Towel Warmers embrace the shapes of summer with its SURF Radiator: a bodacious heating design with elliptical contouring and bold silhouette.  

Designed to reflect the simplistic yet efficient form of a modern surfboard, the new SURF Contemporary Radiator by Aestus is manufactured from high quality Mild Steel and is available in either a matt White or matt Black finish.

‘Mid-century Modern’ with Versailles by Aestus


A style revolution that has undoubtedly swept the nation, mid-century modern design is the perfect blend of cutting-edge homewares that remain true to their original design wich shows in the new Versailles by Aestus.

Versailles captures the trend for retro revival perfectly, offering you an old world traditional design met with contemporary functionality.

Manufactured from high quality Cast Iron, the Versailles Radiator is beautifully embossed with a filigree pattern which looks like vintage lace on first glance.

Aestus says: