How to increase the health and safety awareness of your employees

Female plumbing employee - health & safety

All workplaces have their safety requirements, from building sites to small offices. However, there is still some work to be done to increase employee awareness of workplace regulations.

In fact, in 2016/17, there were 1.3 million workplace illnesses and 609,000 injuries recorded in the UK alone. 

While much of the responsibility falls on office managers and business directors to keep their staff protected, it’s important to educate employees on how they can manage their own workplace safety.

In this article, Chris Pendrey will discuss ways businesses can increase employee health and safety awareness:

Risk and reward

Conducting a workplace risk assessment helps you identify the right business training courses

Alternatives To HIVE Active Heating

Alternatives To HIVE Active Heating

Smart central heating systems are part of an emerging tech trend that is taking the world by storm. While HIVE may be one of the higher-profile brands in this fledgling market, it is not the only option for those looking to modernise the way in which they heat their home. Here are just a few of the alternatives.

Nest Learning Thermostat

Now in its third generation, this thermostat lives up to its name by learning the heating habits of its users and eventually gaining enough information to automatically adjust its own settings without the need for constant adjustment.

Purchasing attitudes remain intact post Brexit

Purchasing attitudes remain intact post Brexit

76% of people surveyed think country of manufacture is an important factor when it comes to purchasing. A survey, carried out by Giacomini UK, explored attitudes toward manufacturing and revealed some interesting post-Brexit insights.

When asked if the country of origin was checked before purchasing building and HVAC supplies, just 19% said that they never check which demonstrates the importance of a products’ origin when making decisions about purchasing.

83.5% of respondents said they prefer to buy products from a European manufacturer with just 8% saying that they would not ever buy a product if they knew it was made in Europe.

Fernox Rebrands Inhibitor Packaging

Fernox Rebrands Inhibitor Packaging

Following the acquisition of BuildCert by NSF International, Fernox, the leading manufacturer of chemical water treatment products, will be changing the packaging of its inhibitors to incorporate the new NSF logo. Plumbing and heating professionals will start to see the new branding on its products from 2020.

Founded in 1998, BuildCert is a provider of mechanical and materials certification services for the plumbing and building industries, including the Chemical Inhibitor Approval Scheme (CIAS). 

The phased rebrand of BuildCert to NSF International aims to expand the international recognition of products certified by the BuildCert team. While the BuildCert mark is well known in the UK, the NSF International mark has greater recognition across the globe. 

Keep The Noise Down with Vaillant Boilers

Vaillant Boilers staff with their award

After its success at last year’s ‘Noise Oscars’ ceremony, Salamander Pumps was delighted to return as a sponsor for the Quiet Mark campaign award at this year’s prestigious Noise Abatement Society John Connell Awards. Salamander is pleased to congratulate Vaillant Boilers as recipients of its sponsored award, presented by Sonia Phippard (DEFRA).

Salamander Pumps was previously awarded the Quiet Mark Award of Distinction at the awards ceremony in 2017 for its outstanding commitment in pioneering new noise reduction solutions in the industry, which saw Salamander slash its noise levels of its new range of shower pumps by 15%.

AVT launches unique ‘off the shelf’ anti-vibration pipework bracing system

AVT anti-vibration pipework bracing system

Market-leading plant reliability specialist, AVT Reliability®, has launched Easy-Brace® - a unique universal small bore connection (SBC) anti-vibration bracing system that increases plant safety and reduces the risk of downtime.

Easy-Brace® constitutes a step-change in the design of vibration reducing equipment for process pipework.

Unlike traditional SBC bracing systems, which are bespoke to each application, its modular design means it can be specified using just two or three basic dimensions. It is supplied in kit form, making it easy to install by non-specialist fitters. It also requires no routine maintenance and can be easily removed for valve maintenance – contributing to operational efficiency and cost savings.

GROHE launches inspirational AquaSymphony displays with showroom partners

AquaSymphony shower

The UK’s most exciting and extravagant shower display has landed in Hewitt Interiors and House of Kingswood showrooms. Deemed one of the market’s most premium shower systems, GROHE’s AquaSymphony delivers the ultimate shower experience with multiple sprays from an overhead shower measuring over one metre in length. Enhanced by light, steam and sound features to create an environment remnant of a luxury spa, AquaSymphony pushes the boundaries of bathroom design.

Energy efficiency and clean growth are a key part of the new TrustMark

Plumbing Tools - Trustmark

In support of the Government’s Green GB Week, TrustMark, the Government-endorsed quality scheme for tradespeople, announces that it has expanded its remit to include Repair, Maintenance and Improvement (RMI), retrofit and energy efficiency sectors, in order to now cover any work a consumer chooses to have carried out in or around their home.

TrustMark has extended its responsibilities following the industry led Government-commissioned Each Home Counts review in 2016, which identified a requirement for an all-encompassing mark of quality for consumers to recognise and trust.  TrustMark was chosen to be the brand that the quality mark has now become with clean growth and energy efficiency being a key focus of the scheme.

APHC reminds employers to check whether they can reduce their National Insurance bill by £3,000

APHC Piggy Bank with money

Employment Allowance can reduce the amount of Class 1 National Insurance that employers have to pay by up to £3,000 per year. CEO of APHC, John Thompson explains more.

Most plumbing and heating employers should be able to claim the government’s Employment Allowance, assuming they are paying employers’ Class 1 National Insurance on salaries above the secondary National Insurance Contribution threshold, which is currently £8,424 per year (2018/19).