Mercedes-Benz vans keep Colin Laver Heating ‘firing on all cylinders’

Colin Laver Heating

Family-run Colin Laver Heating has taken another step on the road to an all-Mercedes-Benz van fleet with the recent arrivals from local Dealer Euro Commercials of another eight Vito models, and its first X-Class pickup.

The Pontypridd-based firm, which last year celebrated its 50th anniversary, offers a broad range of domestic heating, plumbing and electrical services, which includes the installation and maintenance of solar energy systems, and air- and ground-source heat pumps.

It acquired its first vans bearing the three-pointed star in 2016, and since then has been steadily taking on more as replacements for the French-built vehicles previously assigned to its mobile engineers.

How to use company branding to project a professional image when dealing with customers 

Company branding projects a professional image to customers

Rogue traders have given plumbing and other trades something of a bad reputation, with 87% of homeowners admitting they feared hiring tradesmen (Plentific). So how can you show clients that you’re a reliable and trustworthy business that will offer a professional service?

Here, John Armstrong, from branding and printwear specialist Custom Planet, shares three company branding tips to help you to impress customers during face-to-face interactions.  

Arc Flash – the hidden danger facing the plumbing industry

Progarm Arc Flash protective clothing

When it comes to industrial safety, all of us understand the importance of wearing protective gloves or steel toe-capped boots. In fact, most employers wouldn’t dream of letting their teams on-site without adequate protection, and workers themselves are more than clued up when it comes to the latest safety requirements. However, the same can’t be said when it comes to the potentially fatal risk posed by Arc Flash – a relatively misunderstood, but extremely common type of electrical explosion facing a wide variety of sectors, including the plumbing industry.

The further adventures of Boiler Man…

Following the recent filming with Clive and Marjorie in the hot tub, there’s a new Boiler Man video which hit the world this week.

In this new video, we see Max the cat who lives in a cold house thanks to a faulty boiler.  Max sees that an Ideal boiler is being fitted across the road and knows that living in that house will be a far more reliable source of heat and make his life far more comfortable.  He grabs his belongings and moves in. To our surprise, the house is owned by Boiler Man! 

How UK companies are approaching the ageing workforce issue

Ageing workforce – two mature workers at computers

News of Japan’s plans to increase the age of retirement to 70 years old will have UK workers anxious about our own plans. The Asian country’s government are hoping to pave the way for workers to stay in their role longer following Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s desire to encourage companies to increase their self-imposed retirement age.

The EU’s pension system has been described as creating a ticking time bomb for finances, with campaign group the TaxPayers’ Alliance claiming that around £1 in every £5 of council tax in the UK is already spent to cover the local authorities’ workers’ pension scheme.. On top of this, Russia’s President Putin has appealed for his nation to accept ‘painful’ pension changes and a five-year increase on the age of retirement.

75% of plumbers at risk of losing out on work due to knee problems

Plumbers knee vs Office Workers knee

Everybody has heard (and seen) the builder’s bum, but what about the plumber’s knee?

New research released today has revealed that nearly 75% of working plumbers experience problems with their knees, yet only 41% have discussed the issue with their GP.

The study conducted by The IPG - a leading group for plumbing, heating and bathroom  specialists - also discovered that 57% of plumbers surveyed felt that they would need to undergo knee replacement surgery in the future due to the hardships of the profession. 59% also felt that they would be forced to retire early because of the injuries they pick up in their work.

TempRocket make the recruitment of temporary plumbers easier

Temprocket's Andrew Johnston on recruitment of plumbers

It has arguably never been more difficult to find good temp workers thanks to a frustratingly inefficient recruitment process and the fact that the number of temporary trades people is at a five-year low. However, help is at hand, says TempRocket’s Andrew Johnston…

It’s no secret that finding the right plumbers to add to your team cannot only be a very tough task, but also annoyingly time consuming and expensive. And this is especially the case when it comes to tracking down good temporary trades people, because the process on this side of the recruitment sector is particularly inefficient. 

The Toilet is Blocked? What Can You do?

The Toilet is Blocked? What Can You do?

How To Unblock Your Toilet in 6 Easy Steps

We all know that feeling... After a hard day at work, you finally come back home with the only desire to take off these awful shoes with high heels. You come to the toilet, finish your work and try to flush the toilet. And then...surprise. It backs up. There are very few feelings in this world similar to this one. The mixture of anger, confusion, and disability to figure out the problem is unique. So, what do we do know (except panic)?

1. Flush

Only once. Otherwise, you will feel the wrath of Gods. If it doesn't flush the first time, it won't the second.

2. Cover The Area

Is a Smart Home practical in 2018?

Smart Home

by Anna Kucirkova 

When we say “Smart Home,” your mind probably starts working a mile-a-minute. You probably imagine a Jetsons-like, technologically advanced home that responds to your every command.

While that concept is certainly understandable, smart homes in 2018 look less like auto-retracting walls and floors that automatically absorb messes and more like homes with convenient, easy-to-use home integration and home automation systems.

Woodie’s invests in Quail Digital to improve efficiency and productivity in-store

Headset investment

As Ireland’s market leading DIY, Home and Garden Retailer, Woodie’s is committed to continuous improvement and growth. An investment in Quail Digital’s wireless headset systems has not only radically improved communication between its store associates - and hence availability of staff resources - but also provided a hands-free, lightweight solution to deliver better service levels across the entire shop floor, revolutionising Woodie’s overall in-store experience.