How to Keep Your Business up to Date With Health and Safety Legislation

Plumber keeping up to Date With Health and Safety Legislation

With the ever-evolving laws and legislation of modern times, it can be hard to keep up with what the latest requirements, especially those regarding health and safety. Time-consuming and complicated, legislation can often be difficult to understand -and with Brexit looming, bringing with it the uncertainty of the future, you’d be forgiven for feeling that matters of health and safety can often feel muddy, particularly for small businesses.

But however much hassle it can be, the risks of not being compliant go much further than just negative publicity. Consequences can include everything from fines and compensation payments to the closure of business, and in extreme cases even prosecution.

6 Ways to Make Your Staff Feel Safer

6 Ways to Make Your Staff Feel Safer

Your employees spend upwards of eight hours a day at work. It’s their home away from home in a way. So, it’s vitally important that when they are there, they are made to feel safe and secure, just as they would within their own four walls.

Security systems provider, Expert Security UK, conducted a survey asking over 2000 people the question ‘has your employer taken actions to ensure you feel safe in the workplace?’

The results of the survey showed that only 1 in 3 people feel safe in their workplace due to steps taken by their employer.

Grange Design introduce new 2019 Bathroom Brochure by MGS

Grange Design introduce new 2019 Bathroom Brochure by MGS

Leading UK based designer, manufacturer and specialist distributor for the bathroom industry, Grange Design, introduces the new 2019 Bathroom Brochure by MGS, featuring a host of solid stainless steel eco-friendly taps and shower solutions for the contemporary homeowner. 

Demonstrating a pioneering collection of taps and accessories where shape is central to design,Grangeoffer a range of brand new and existing stainless steel bathroom solutions by MGS that emanate the symbolic style and flair of Italian product design. 

What’s New?

Trade Bosses Losing Points For Productivity

Trade Bosses Losing Points For Productivity

GAMIFIED rewards and bonuses not only introduce an element of fun in to the workplace, but also increase employee performance – and according to new research, 52% of trades bosses are losing out on increased productivity by not making use of them.

The only industry that would have more increased productivity from the introduction of gamified rewards than Trades was Medical/Healthcare (56%), with Hospitality and leisure (51%) and Retail (50%) both close behind. 

Pimlico Plumbers - Real Business Column

Charlie Mullins - Pimlico Plumbers- Real Business Column

It’s a sign of the times that the word ‘hustle’ has taken on a fresh and more respectable meaning when it comes to business.

In my day, the hustle was a dance popular in the discotheques (now there IS a word you don’t hear any more!) of my 1970’s youth.

Alternatively, it referred to someone with an ability to take a few quid off you in a game of pool or a geezer knocking out counterfeit videos which, when you got them home, were usually unwatchable.

However, these days many a respected business figure happily put their success down to their hustling spirit. 

Network Rail to scrap toilet charge

Public toilets with toilet charge

It’s good news for commuters as Network Rail scraps toilet charges at Leeds, Manchester Piccadilly and Liverpool Lime Street stations and vows to end toilet charges at all 20 of its stations by 1st April 2019.

Network Rail own and operate the railway infrastructure in England, Wales and Scotland on behalf of the nation, with 20 of Britain’s busiest railway stations under its management. The move is part of a nationwide drive to make its stations “more friendly, accessible and open”.

Is vehicle leasing the right option for your business?

Is vehicle leasing the right option for your business?

Vehicle leasing can be an attractive option for businesses large and small. The latest statistics from the BVRLA show YoY growth, with nearly 300,000 cars and vans leased to UK companies at the end of 2017.

One of the main benefits of business leasing is flexible contracts, as well as tax incentives, making it a convenient and affordable option.

Here are the most important things to consider when deciding if vehicle leasing is the right option for your business.

Keeping in the black

If your business is just starting out or growing quickly, balancing the books will be one of your biggest priorities.

InSinkerator Wins Contract With Galliard Homes

Galliard Homes office

InSinkErator is supplying its 3N1 steaming hot water taps to the brand new Galliard Homes development, Maine Tower, in London’s Docklands.

The Maine Tower, a focal point of the Harbour Central development, is to comprise of 297 exquisite apartments that are situated over 42 floors. Each apartment will feature an InSinkErator 3N1 L Shape steaming hot water tap finished in Brushed Steel. Not only will this addition streamline the worktop, reducing the clutter of a kettle, the InSinkErator 3N1 brings a number of convenient benefits to the end user. The all-private, Maine Tower, development will be situated just minutes from Canary Wharf, boasting a library, concierge, gym and spa, business suites and cinema, promising to offer luxury living for all of its residents.

How to keep you and your plumbing business out of financial difficulty


Lee Murphy is the founder of Pandle (www.pandle.com) the cloud bookkeeping software specifically for small businesses and the self-employed.

Neglecting your books because you are too busy dealing with the everyday job could be disastrous for your business finances.

Cashflow problems are the biggest killer of small businesses, with recent research showing over 70% of SME owners see it as their biggest threat.

It is easier today than ever before to avoid financial problems thanks to online bookkeeping software, many of them free.

Rhino App Users Talk Their Way to Business Efficiency.

Rhino Small Business App

A key feature of the new Rhino Small Business App that’s proving highly popular with its rapidly-increasing user base is the voice function. Rhino users are reporting significant time savings with routine business admin by dictating the content of invoices, estimates, notes and appointments, directly on their smartphones.

Rhino already boasts an impressive ability to create an estimate or invoice in 30 seconds or less, with important information like the customer’s details and payment terms filled in automatically. You can also use the voice function to reduce this time even further, allowing descriptive narratives to be added easily without using the keyboard.