Growing bathroom retailer set to open stores in Bradford and Glasgow

Bathroom retailer Easy Bathrooms and their fleet of delivery vehicles

Rapidly-growing bathroom retailer, Easy Bathrooms, is set to open an additional two stores within the next two weeks, after signing leases on units in Bradford and Glasgow.

The move triples its bricks and mortar presence on the UK high street, within just two years. Founded in 2013, the retailer now has 33 showrooms nationwide – compared to the eleven stores it had in April 2017. 

Within a two-year period, the firm has also created over 90 jobs, seeing it open showrooms across the south of the UK, including a network of seven locations across Hampshire and Berkshire.

The Bradford and Glasgow stores will create an additional nine jobs, totalling £300,000 investment – and are both set to open in mid-May.

Fast And Convenient: New Fernox Water Quality Test App

New Fernox Water Quality Test App

Fernox has launched the Fernox Water Quality Test app, aimed at streamlining its laboratory postal sampling service; making it easier for installers to submit test samples and access their results quickly through their mobile. Launching this May, installers will be able to register on Android and IOS platforms to download the app and start enjoying the timesaving benefits of this paperless service.

New Maincor bevelling tool makes light work of fitting MLCP

New Maincor bevelling tool

Preparing Maincor MLCP (multi layer composite pipe) prior to installation is now simpler than ever, thanks to the manufacturer’s new and improved bevelling tool. 

This robust, high quality product makes pipe bevelling easier, while its ergonomic design is more comfortable and particularly when used on a regular basis.  

The new bevelling tool adds to the many advantages to be had by choosing Maincor MLCP, a formstable multi-layered pipe, which has a 100% oxygen barrier to guard against corrosion and low rates of expansion to significantly reduce installation times. 

‘2019 Heating Trends’ with Aestus

‘2019 Heating Trends’ with Aestus

Aestus, a true manufacturer of quality handcrafted designer radiators and towel warmers in the UK, introduces its trend predictions for 2019. As 70s chic has hit the high streets, we are seeing the theme extend into the home, with velvet and fringed soft furnishings, floral patterns and funky shapes, awakening the UK’s love for seventies fashion. Heating solutions are adding to this vibe with circular, wavy, curved designs and bold black accents, creating an ‘Abstract Silhouette’ and a focal point in the room.

Reaching Boiling Point

Reaching Boiling Point with a Qettle Tap

Boiling water taps – what are they all about?  Just a few years ago, they were either the preserve of upmarket kitchens or you might have found one in an office kitchen – albeit not necessarily delivering the full, 100°C monty.  Which might have been why you were there… Or perhaps it was because of the scale.  Or maybe its filter cartridge needed replacing.  

New Focus Horizontal by Vogue (UK)

New Focus Horizontal by Vogue (UK)

Vogue (UK), the UK’s leading manufacturer of designer radiators and towel warmers continue to innovate the heating market with its latest new design for 2019, Focus Horizontal. 

A smart alternative to the customary upright models, the new Focus Hby Vogue (UK)is designed for optimal towel drying, owing to its horizontal arrangement with generous width and high heat output.  

Satisfying the market’s need for applied design where function is not limited by room size, Focus Horizontal is ideal above a bath, sited beneath a window to minimise chill factor or installed discreetly below a shelf to make use of every piece of available wall space. 

Cordless vs. Corded Power Tools

Cordless vs. Corded Power Tools

Whether you’re a professional tradesperson or a keen DIY homeowner, you want to get the most out of your tools. There has been an ongoing debate about the rise in popularity of cordless power tools and how they may reign supreme over their corded counterparts. So, what are the pros and cons of cordless vs corded power tools and which will work best for your needs?

To weigh in on the debate, Toolden has created a brief guide for Plumbing Trade Magazine on the benefits of each power tool design.

Why Choose Corded Power Tools?

What’s Next For Minimalist Bathroom Design?

Minimalist Bathroom Design

An interior design trend that will simply never go out of style is the visually appealing minimalism trend. Typically centred around a stripped-back look of clean lines and a strictly monochrome colour palette, minimalist interior design is easy to replicate in any room of the home. Minimalist bathroom design is a popular choice for those looking to keep things uncomplicated in the sanctuary of their bathroom.

So, what is next for minimalist bathroom design in 2019? In partnership with Plumbing Trade Magazine, luxury bathroom manufacturer Lusso offers its predictions.

Statement Baths

Salamander Pumps EVE Launch

Salamander Pumps EVE Launch

In an industry-first move, Salamander Pumps, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of domestic water pumps, has announced the launch of EVE - a new, twin-ended, universal shower pump featuring a variable bar rating, which can be changed with just the touch of a button.

The first of its kind, EVE uses a sensor to monitor the system water flow and detect any changes, while a brushless motor varies its speed to ensure a constant pressure, no matter how many outlets in the home are open at any one time. 

Launched in response to the increasing popularity of high-end bathroom refurbishments, EVE is the first pump on the market to fit into both positive and negative head situations, without the need for a pressure vessel and working with any gravity-fed system.