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March 8, 2018

Most of the major news stories in the UK at the moment are related to the snow. The weather has been incredibly bad, causing all kinds of traffic problems as well as school and business closures. Consequently households are demanding more from their boilers to keep homes warm. This has raised concerns about gas supplies. It also makes people worry about what they would do if their boiler breaks down. Here is some useful advice on this topic from the specialists at to ease your worries. 

Winter is always hard on boilers

For most of the year households in the UK will only use their boiler sparingly. This is because they don't have the central heating on often. When winter arrives though, the radiators will be on far more frequently to overcome the lower temperatures outside. 

Not surprisingly problems will be more likely to occur when the boiler is being used the most. The lower temperatures outside can also cause nightmares for boilers. Water pipes can freeze, causing a drop in pressure or a complete loss of supply. Gas appliances also face the risk that the flue will get blocked by snow or freeze. This can affect the performance and also makes using the boiler more dangerous. 

boiler and radiatorsHow can you reduce the risk of a boiler breakdown?

There are plenty of things you can do to reduce the likelihood of a problem. They all generally come down to being more proactive and ensuring the boiler is properly maintained. 

Invest in regular servicing

A boiler service is a great investment. It will give a professional engineer the chance to look at the appliance closely. Checks will be performed to make sure it is working properly and decide if any repairs are necessary. With regular servicing you reduce the risk of an unanticipated breakdown. It can also help you to time when you need to opt for new boiler installation. 

Servicing can be scheduled at any time of the year. Naturally the end of autumn and start of winter tends to be the busiest period because people want to make sure their boiler will work properly until spring. Try to book early and always get the service from a professional engineer.

Insulate pipes

Pipe insulation can help you to prevent water supplies from being interrupted. It is a cost effective home improvement that you should be able to do yourself. If you have any issues though find a professional plumber to help you. 

It is also wise to protect the flue if you have a gas boiler. You can insulate it to prevent freezing and reduce the risk of blockages. Just make sure that it is not obstructed by the insulating material. Again it may be best to hire a professional to do the job. 

Learn how the boiler works

It is always a wise idea to read the boiler's manual. That way you will learn how it works and what warning signs to look out for. In addition you can find out about issues you can fix yourself rather than calling out an engineer. Boiler pressure is an excellent example. Generally you should be able to re-pressurise it yourself; you just need to learn how.

Turn the boiler on in summer

Leaving your boiler off all summer and for most of autumn is a bad idea. After all of this time with minimal use it could seize up when you need it the most. To prevent this it is a good idea to turn the appliance on periodically, even in the hottest months. This will keep it ticking over and reduce the risk of seizing. As little as 15 minutes per month can make all of the difference.

Don't neglect the radiators

Over the years sludge and air can build up in radiators. This can reduce their efficiency and increase the risk of the boiler breaking down. You should learn how to bleed the radiators yourself. That way you can be proactive and prevent issues with air. 

When you get a new boiler installation it is wise to opt for an engineer who will also take a look at the radiators. Power flushing will get rid of the sludge and ensure there is no trapped air. This will help performance. 

Invest in a new boiler

As boilers age they are more likely to break down and require repairs. This is true even if you opt for a top of the line model. If you want to avoid this it is wise to invest in new boiler installation. Boilers will generally last 10 to 15 years. It is better to opt for a replacement rather than run the risk of a breakdown.

Understand that emergency services are available

If you have a problem with your boiler that you can't fix yourself arrange emergency help as quickly as possible. That way you stand the best chance of getting your heating and hot water back ASAP. provides a 24/7 service and works with professional boiler engineers all across the UK. As a result you can always rely on us to help you. Simply call us on 0800 311 8990 at any time. 

We don't just provide emergency services either. You can arrange one-off or annual servicing, maintenance, repairs, and new installation at any time. 

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