Experience the benefits of a touchless tap system at home with GROHE’s brand new Bau Cosmo E range

March 5, 2019

Infra-red tap technology, the likes of which can typically be found in the bathrooms of your local cinema or shopping centre, is – unbeknown to many – also available to have in your very own home! As the increasing strain on our water resources continues to drive sustainability conversations, the category of touchless taps are set to take precedence in our bathrooms at home in 2019 and beyond.

These ergonomic, water saving taps in which GROHE are already an established market leader, can benefit all home environments from young families to multi-generational households and even older couples wanting to future proof their home. Over the past year, these taps have slowly made their way into the residential homes of early adopters and are proving particularly popular in guest bathrooms due to their hygienic benefits butnow thanks to the launch of GROHE’s new Bau Cosmo E tap range, infra-red touchless tap technology just became even more accessible, and affordable.

“Touchless taps are growing in popularity in domestic bathrooms thanks to their eco and sustainability credentials,” comments Sanjeev Delipkumar, Junior Category Manager at GROHE. “Asides from being incredibly hygienic, they are also fantastic for family homes – especially those with young children who like to leave the tap on(!) as they automatically shut off after a set amount of time.”

Cut back on water wastage

The true amount of water that goes to waste each day is staggering but can often be overlooked. Infra-red touchless taps help to reduce your consumption by only dispensing water when the sensor is activated. This means no more forgetting to turn the tap off, or leaving it running when cleaning your teeth. However, touchless taps provide much more than just convenience. They provide independence to young children allowing them to use the toilet unaccompanied and allow for the elderly or less mobile to wash their hands without having to twist or turn any handles. For those with reduced physical movement who may suffer with problems such as arthritis, this is a small upgrade that can be made in the bathroom, yet one which will have an enormous impact on their freedom and self-confidence.Experience the benefits of a touchless tap system at home with GROHE’s brand new Bau Cosmo E range

The water saving credentials of the Bau Cosmo E range are furthered by specialist GROHE EcoJoy technology. When the tap is in operation, a water and energy saving aerator contained within the mechanics of the tap ensures water flow is limited to 5.7 litres per minute, which helps to conserve resource without the user experience being compromised.

Meanwhile, a discreet control on the side of the tap allows you to adjust the temperature as desired while a temperature limiter fitted within the mechanics of the tap ensures that the water stays within safe temperature parameters to protect against scalding. This enables all members of any household to comfortably use the tap, and more importantly, the bathroom without the supervision of a parent or carer.

Maintain the highest standards of hygiene in your home

Infra-red tap operation is not only designed to deliver reduced water consumption but also help to improve overall hygiene standards in the bathroom. As the need to manually touch the handles of the tap is eliminated, the spread of bacteria and germs is greatly reduced.

Prices for the Bau Cosmo E range start at RRP £202 +VAT

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