Fixing the jigsaw piece puzzle

August 30, 2016

~ How kitchen installers can easily overcome common installation issues ~

In 2015 approximately 594,000 people in the UK alone spent over £4,000 on a fitted kitchen. Homeowners are increasingly prioritising the renovation of their kitchen over other areas of the house due to a rise in the popularity of open plan living and multifunctional spaces. With such an increase in demand, meeting increasingly difficult design requirements can often feel like putting together the pieces of a puzzle.

Here John Cove, marketing manager at power tool accessories and hand tool specialist, Starrett, shares his top tips for improving installation methods and quality of finish by using jig saw blades.


As the current industry trend for sleek, minimalist and contemporary kitchens shows no signs of slowing down, kitchen contractors and installers are faced with an ever growing range of materials they are working with. Wood, metal, plastic, ceramics and fibre glass are frequently being integrated into homeowner’s design requirements, making the need for durable and reliable hand power tools greater than ever. 

While jig saw blades are the most popular power tool used by kitchen fitters due to their high resilience and powerful performance, their frequent chipping of coated surfaces including worktops has long been a common problem for installers. Starrett’s patented bi metal unique materials and dual cut blades provide the perfect solution for installers looking to create the highest finishes using the easiest methods for multipurpose cutting.


Bi Metal Unique

While bi metal materials

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