Don’t fear the frame

July 27, 2017

Wall hung bathrooms are the future – and the latest generation of support frames make installation trouble-free.

The growth in the availability of wall hung fittings has been the biggest revolution in British bathrooms since we all went mad for colour in the 70s. Wall hung only became viable in the UK when valve flushing was allowed in place of the siphon. Before that every product coming into this country had to be adapted – so many world famous bathroom names could only offer a very limited product range in this country. Initially wall hung products were only available at the upper end and were very expensive but now wall hung – and the frames needed to fit it – can be found at all price levels.

vitrabathroomWall hung makes sense, especially in the typically small UK bathroom. The fittings hang free of the floor, giving an illusion of space and a wall hung WC occupies a smaller area than a conventional low level pan. Cleaning is easy – most wall hung pans are a clean simple shape with no nooks, crvitratoiletannies or visible pipework for dust and dirt to linger. Mopping the floor is faster when there are no obstacles to clean round. Because the cistern is hidden away inside the frame with just a sleek flush plate visible, the look is clean and uncluttered. The flush plate offers a long and a short flush either 3/6 litre or 2.5/4 litre and can be mechanical, pneumatic or electronic.  Most plates have an anti-fingermark surface, depending on the finish. Finishes available from VitrA include gloss white, chrome, matt chrome, gold and glass black. Loop–T infrared flush plates operate at the wave of a hand – ideal for less able people or in care/hospital building. The infra-red plates are operated via an electronic mechanism installation set which must be fitted during wall installation.  Sirius, an award winning mechanical flush plate is also available in gloss white, matt black and chrome.

VitrA’s frame systems are all WRAS approved and are quick and easy to install. Maintenance is simple as the flush plate can be removed giving access to internal fittings. The panel gap on the body of the flush plate is designed to provide optimum opening space for maintenance of the filling and flushing units - effectively overcoming fears that repairs are a problem should the valve develop a fault. Valves are subjected to 200,000 water tightness and accelerated life tests at the factory.

vitrathingFlushing mechanisms include an overflow pipe that channels excess water down into the WC pan, preventing the risk of flooding.

Image: VitrA Reduced Height Frame can be used in solid wall construction in a slim or regular format.  Flushing 3/6 litres at 0.2 - 16 bar offers dual flush and top or front flush plate installation

VitrA has frames in varying heights, including a reduced height model, suitable for solid, stud and double stud walls and in slim and regular sizes to suit the space available. The frame will support up to 60 stones.  Installation is quick and easy – the frame itself and connecting pipework are concealed behind a stud wall. Once the frame is in position and the stud walling has been completed, all that is left is fitting the pan and the flush plate. VitrA’s range of wall hung pans incudes easy to clean rimless models, compact designs for small bathrooms and the innovative V Care shower toilet which offers independence to the elderly and less able.


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