How Using Service Management Software Can Improve Customer Experience

November 20, 2017

Only a decade ago, provision of quality customer service was widely perceived as a mere business cliché. This so-called ‘cliché’ has become one of the most important functions of businesses in this day and age. Customers are getting increasingly habituated to keeping a strict track of their online deliveries, the food they order from restaurants, and pretty much everything they ask for or purchase, in real-time. Such high standards have now become the deciding factor in customers choosing to do business with a company. Adapting to such high demands can only be possible for a business if they use a Service Management Software. Here’s how using a service management software can change the customer experience a business offers:

Giving customers the opportunity of self-service 

A service management software, to a certain extent, helps customers become self-sufficient in their quest for finding and carrying out the perfect transaction, something which most customers favour. An apparent advantage of having a Service Management Software is making the customers accountable for themselves. No matter what the requirement may be, be it getting of payment information updated, changing customer location or delivery address, or a formal request to check the payment history with the business – customers like to and are given the liberty of choice to take a significant number of actions just as they wish.

From a customer’s point of view, it’s a win-win situation as they are given the choice of freely selecting anything they like. They also don’t have to deal with customer care calls. Customer care calls can often unexpectedly go sour due to numerous reasons. Elimination of this tedious process has made customers feel more convenient about approaching a company. It is also a cost-effective option from the business’ point of view. 

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Reaching out to customers in less time

Analyzing the evolving needs of customers is a basic duty of every business which wants to progress. One of the basic questions that need to be asked is –Where is the first place or media the customers search for a piece of information when they have a question about a business’ goods or services? The simple answer is the internet. Resounding what numerous studies have already shone light upon, a recent consumer survey has inspected that nearly three-quarters of the participants in the survey started by the search for answers on the internet themselves. Looking for the answer to their query on the internet is, by description, an effort at self-sufficient customer service. There are two factors which determine whether or not this effort is successful:​

- The amount of time the customer is prepared to spend to search for that information.

- How easily available the company’s service management software makes the information for the user to access.

The overall consensus is that customers as a group are severely impatient. They are highly likely to choose another brand while they are searching. If a Service Management Company fails to draw the attention of these customers on the lookout for their services, some other company which has been smart enough to invest in a service management software will take that share of the pie. 

Shaping features and facilities that stress on detailed customer requests

The ability of the internet to serve as a two-way medium is astounding. Not only are customers able to view information, they are also enabled to aptly respond about their feelings regarding the service they get. Service management software and customer portals enable users to impulsively comment on any characteristic about the software or about the service they receive. Companies can then, put to use this positive criticism to their advantage and improve the software. By providing regular updates of the software based on customer complaints, advancement of the overall customer experience provided by the business takes place. It helps in building a degree of trust between the business and the customer. The customer group can be made to feel that their feedback is actually valued.

Overall Benefits

Be it setting up the right schedule, or tracking a worker – any service management software comes with a plethora of quality options that are bound to make the customer experience smooth. Service and maintenance businesses generally handle a large number of low-cost projects. Without a customized service management software, it becomes highly tough for managers and the back office to keep track of projects. This leads to customers being totally unaware about the task they had asked for. A customized service management software can easily eliminate these trivial problems which hamper the overall customer experience. 

Since the 2000s, the term ‘customer experience’ has been brought up in numerous debates centered on business strategies. While there are more areas being exploited to deliver the best customer service possible, a service management software is critical to appease the modern-day customer.

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