The secret to happiness? Ask plumbers!

Happy plumbers

It seems plumbers are guaranteed not to get that sinking feeling every time they go to work…

A survey has revealed that Britain’s plumbers are the happiest professionals in the country. In fact, 55% of plumbers said they were ‘very happy’ in life.

It seems tradespeople are way ahead in the happiness index because builders were next on 38%.

The survey was commissioned by Boundless, an experiences company with a 94-year heritage.

Powered Now the award winning app for Electricians now available for Mac, PC, Smartphone and Tablet.

Powered Now, the people making life easier for electricians, has announced a major new release of its app for simplifying paperwork.


The release also adds a raft of new functionality designed to help teams work closely together in the most efficient way possible.


Powered Now helps electricians by:


  • Getting their evenings back. Especially true for small businesses who hate paperwork and often have to waste their evenings on it.


  • Growing their business. Powered Now users win more business as they can raise and track quotations faster and more easily.


Small Business Minister Confirms New Measures To Support Prompt Payment Code

Small Business Minister Confirms New Measures To Support Prompt Payment Code

Small Business Minister Margot James and Philip King, Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management have confirmed new measures to support the Prompt Payment Code in a letter sent to the code’s signatories this week.


Over 1,800 firms have signed up to the Prompt Payment Code, agreeing to maximum payment terms of 60 days and a target payment time of within 30 days as part of their commitment to the fair and equal treatment of suppliers.


Under the code, companies whose payment terms stretch beyond 60 days must be able to demonstrate that exceptional circumstances apply and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.