The secret to happiness? Ask plumbers!

June 1, 2018

It seems plumbers are guaranteed not to get that sinking feeling every time they go to work…

A survey has revealed that Britain’s plumbers are the happiest professionals in the country. In fact, 55% of plumbers said they were ‘very happy’ in life.

It seems tradespeople are way ahead in the happiness index because builders were next on 38%.

The survey was commissioned by Boundless, an experiences company with a 94-year heritage.

It aimed to uncover the secrets to happiness by finding out who is happy, both at home and at work, and what makes them feel good about themselves and their lives.

Ian Holmes-Lewis, Director at Boundless, said: “Plumbers are clearly happy people! Perhaps being their own boss plays a part in that, especially as builders and property developers were high on the list as well. Happy Plumbers

“But it was also interesting to see plumbers ranked highly in our survey for quality of sleep and physical activity.

“On top of that, 64% said they often tried new experiences, which placed them second in that particular table.

“It goes to show that it is not only experiences in the workplace which determine how happy people are in work. Making the most of life outside of work can have a big impact, too.”

Other key results included:

•    The most miserable workers were those in advertising – with 42% saying they are unhappy in life.

•    Plumbers are not only happy in life but also in work. Not a single plumber said they were ‘unhappy’ in their job.

•    Those who work in customer service were bottom of the work happiness index – 29% said they were unhappy in work. Lawyers came out badly, too, on 28%.

•    Property developers, on 57%, and electricians, on 50%, were the happiest in work.

•    In the public sector a fifth of police officers were unhappy in work.

•    Those in the public sector are less happy than counterparts in the private sector – with 15% saying they are unhappy at work compared to 13%.


The Boundless Happiness Index

Very happy in life

1. Plumbers 55%

2. Builders 38%

3. Marketing 36%

4. Taxi and lorry drivers 32%

5. Bankers 32%

6. Doctors 31%


Very happy in work

1. Property developers 57%

2. Electricians 50%

3. Advertising 42%

4. Sport and leisure 40%

5. IT 34%


Unhappy or very unhappy in life

1. Advertising 42%

2. Social worker 22%

3. Police 21%

4. Chef 21%

5. Farming 20%

6. Sports and leisure 20%


Unhappy or very unhappy in work

1. Customer service 32%

2. Lawyer 28%

3. Police 21%

4. Chef 21%

5. Charity worker 20%

About Boundless
Boundless is a membership club for people who are looking for inspiration on getting the most out of their free time. With a heritage and expertise dating back more than 90 years, Boundless offers its 230,000 members deals on hundreds of unique experiences, events, volunteer activities and things to do. It’s also mutual, so all profits go straight back into the club to benefit members.

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