How To Keep Clients Coming Back Time And Time Again

Affordable quotes for plumbers

Lisa Evans is the Spokesperson for My quote, that combines technology with manual checks in order to provide users with a choice of affordable quotes from quality tradespeople.

Drumming up new customers is often an expensive and time-consuming task. Whichever way you choose to promote yourself, there’s almost always a cost and usually a pretty substantial one. Many businesses, and self-employed people, make the mistake of thinking that the way to grow a business to is attract new customers. This is, however, not the only solution; and in fact it’s not necessarily the most effective. What’s often overlooked is client retention, a key to success with far less resource and effort required.

The secret to happiness? Ask plumbers!

Happy plumbers

It seems plumbers are guaranteed not to get that sinking feeling every time they go to work…

A survey has revealed that Britain’s plumbers are the happiest professionals in the country. In fact, 55% of plumbers said they were ‘very happy’ in life.

It seems tradespeople are way ahead in the happiness index because builders were next on 38%.

The survey was commissioned by Boundless, an experiences company with a 94-year heritage.