Best-Ever Filter Launched by Sentinel

November 24, 2017

Meeting customer demand for superior heating system protection products is what Sentinel has been doing for 30 years – and its latest major innovation is no exception. The new Sentinel Eliminator Vortex300 Filter has not only been independently verified to collect more magnetic debris on continuous pass than any other compact filter on the market, but is also the company’s most compact, robust, and easy to install and service filter to date. What’s more, the Eliminator Vortex300 filter eliminates all of the major problems installers face with most other brand filters, such as leaks and difficult handling, instead answering the call for a powerful magnetic filter with exceptional build quality, leak-free design, and compact size. 


Standing just 202mm tall and 70mm wide, the Eliminator Vortex300 Filter has a remarkably slim profile and short distance from pipework. Its petite size, along with in-line installation and 360o rotating T-piece, make the Eliminator Vortex300 filter incredibly quick and easy to fit, saving installers time on the job. Servicing is just as simple, with installers having the flexibility to either flush the unit when time is short, or wipe it clean after showing collected debris to the homeowner. 


Once fitted, installers and homeowners can rest easy thanks to the filter’s robust construction, which is engineered and tested to meet Sentinel’s exacting quality standards. For example, the Eliminator Vortex300 filter boasts a pioneering leak-free design and lifetime dual seals which are pressure-tested on every single unit. So confident is Sentinel in the reliability of the Eliminator Vortex300 filter that it comes with a 10-year warranty as standard. 

Sentinel the vortex300

The filter’s formidable performance is thanks to its one-of-a-kind Vortex Core and powerful neodymium magnet assembly, which enable the Eliminator Vortex300 to outperform all competitor compact filters with regard to continuous magnetic collection. Inside, circulating water flows around a special axis to reduce water flow rate and turbulence, features which improve magnet separation,increases retention, and enables non-magnetic debris to fall out of flow. In addition, should the filter become full it cannot block and will not affect system operation.


Sentinel the vortex300“The Eliminator Vortex filter takes all of the features installers loved about our previous generation filters, and combines them with powerful magnetic filtration and our unique Vortex Core. The filter is based on extensive research with installers, who reported leaks and installation and servicing space to be the biggest issues they face with other brand filters. We’ve overcome all of these problems with the Eliminator Vortex, which is not only reliable and installer-friendly, but offers market-leading performance for debris collection,” explained Daniel Cheung, UK Trade Marketing Manager for Sentinel.


Sentinel’s mission is to offer the greatest range of best practice boiler protection products on the market, and the Eliminator Vortex300 Filter marks the start of a period of unprecedented innovation for the company.


The Eliminator Vortex300 Filter is available now in Sentinel SystemCare packs, and will be released on general sale at the end of the year. A larger 500ml capacity model, the Eliminator Vortex500 Filter, will also be available.


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